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Second Step to Sell a Home on Probate

Once you have set apart all the important documents that you found in the house, it is time to separate the personal belongings of the deceased person that you want to keep.

This is a very tedious and emotional process for the family because it will bring up lots of memories.  Also, it will be difficult to decide what you want to keep because everything will look like something you should keep.  Call all the members of the family and friends, and ask them to take what they desire.  Many times the heirs hold on personal property thinking that it is so valuable and at the end they just give it away because they can’t find anybody who really wants it.

Be very practical, if you have room in your home or you are really going to use it, keep it, otherwise leave it for somebody else.  Don’t keep things to put them in a storage unit … after paying for storage for several months, you will give those things away anyway and will have lost lots of money paying for storage.

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