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How Not to Sell your Home

Normally everybody is looking for ways to give their home the most opportunity to sell, however, sometimes, some sellers seem to be doing everything they can to keep their home on the market without selling it.  These are some of the tactics they use to accomplish not selling their home:

 1.  Overprice the Home:  It is funny when I come to a listing presentation and when I ask the seller what he is looking for in a Real Estate agent, he tells me that he will give the listing to the agent who can sell his home for the highest price.  So .. I ask, if I tell you that I can sell your home for double the price I was recommending, is this listing mine?

Well, even though it is totally understandable that a seller wants to sell his home for the maximum amount of money he can sell it for, if the house is overpriced, an agent can do nothing to sell it.  Buyers always do a comparison shopping and they will look at your home with its features and benefits and will compare against other homes that recently sold or are currently on the market.  If there are two similar homes and one of them is overpriced and the other home is priced correctly, which home do you think the buyer is going to buy?

I have also heard from sellers who are overpricing their homes expressions like …

“This is a unique piece of property”  … Not really, almost nothing is unique, unless your home is a multi-million dollar home.

“This home will be bought by an informed buyer”  … Not really, actually the buyer has to be uninformed to buy your home for a price over market value.

“We want to work with a knowledgeable agent who knows the value of all the extras we have put into the house” … your competitors also have put extras to their homes, maybe no the same extras you have in yours, but others, and not because of those their home is worth more money.

2.  Selling your home AS IS with everything in it:  Some homes are loaded with old furniture, toys, clothes, and all this clutter doesn’t even allow a potential buyer to really see the home.  Some sellers think that because they paid a certain price for their furniture, they are giving value to the next buyer.  Unfortunately, the furniture and everything that you have in your house are worth what you can get in a garage sale.  Besides this, which buyer wants to get rid of somebody else’s junk?  If you are selling for full price, don’t expect a potential buyer to be ok paying to get rid of the junk you don’t want to get rid yourself.

3.  Not cleaning the outside neither the inside of the home:  A dirty home is not attractive to buyers, it may be attractive to investors but they will offer you much less money for your property.  If you want to be firm on your price, your better clean that house and present it to a potential buyer in a way that they want to buy it at your price.

Selling a home requires time, effort, work and some flexibility.  If you follow all the steps I mentioned above, you will keep your precious home and will enjoy all the memories the house brings to you for many years.

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