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Do Not Make this Mistake if you Want to Sell your Home

As the years go by and I stay longer in the Real Estate Industry, I see mistakes that the homeowners repeat and keep them from succeeding in their Real Estate transactions.  One of them is listing a home demanding the listing agent to be there every time another agent shows the home.  When the homeowner does this, he minimizes his chances of selling his home.



  1. Buyer’s agents prefer to show vacant homes because they can go there anytime even without needing to make an appointment.
  2. Buyer’s agents like to show homes where the appointments are easy to schedule and it is not a problem if the appointment is not made on time.
  3. Homeowner Occupied homes are more difficult to show because the buyer’s agent has to make an appointment for a specific time.  If the listing agent has to be there, now it is necessary to coordinate the schedule of the buyer’s agent with the schedule of the listing agent, too much work for the buyer’s agent.
  4. If you hired an agent who handles several transactions per year, this is somebody who will not be able to drop off everything he has to do every time somebody wants to see your home, so the homeowner will miss showings where he could have received an offer.
  5. If a homeowner needs the listing agent to be there to tell the buyer all the “additional” features the home has, it is because the home is overpriced.  Remember that other homes in your neighborhood also have additional features, not the same as yours, and not because of those will sell for more.  Overpriced homes don’t sell, adjust your price and you will not need your agent to be there for showings.
  6. If you have something valuable in your house that you don’t want to be stolen, just take it out of the house.  Realtors are not interested in stealing your personal property, we have a license to protect.

Selling a home is a big deal, it requires time and effort from all the parties involved.  Maximize your chances of success making it easy for everybody who wants to help you achieve your goal.

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