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Angela Ward

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Probate Specialist

Thank you for visiting my website. I am a licensed and insured Real Estate Agent with more than 10 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry in Florida.

I specialize on Probate Sales. If you have inherited a home, and you and your heirs have decided to sell this home, even while it is going through the Probate process, please call me. My services include getting your home ready to sell it, providing you with the vendors that will leave your home ready to be on the market in the least amount of time.

I know that there is a cost involved on inheriting a home and such cost includes attorney’s fees, property taxes, mortgage payments, HOA fees, property maintenance etc. It becomes sometimes a burden on the Administrator of the Estate and all the beneficiaries to make all these payments and when the decision has been made to sell the home, it is important to have a reputable and knowledgeable Real Estate agent to help through the process in such a difficult and emotional time.

When using my services, my clients have been able to get top dollar for their properties, because the home is sold on the open market where it is exposed to all the qualified buyers who are looking for a home like yours, not just Real Estate investors who will pay less for your property.

Licensed and Insured

I am a fully insured and licensed Real Estate Agent for the state of Florida. With many satisfied customers, I am happy to provide you with a list of references.

What you can Expect

I am professional, reliable and easy to work with. I have knowledge of the industry and of my work and reliable sources like brokers and attorneys to receive support when I step into something I don’t know.

727 686 1708